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Awards 2020 - Journal of Fisheries Research (2020) Volume 4, Issue 1

Award of Aquaculture

Magnús S Magnússon

Founder and Director of the Human Behavior Laboratory, University of Ireland, Iceland E-mail: [email protected]

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The Aqua 2020 Committee is pleased to welcome participants from all over the world to the prestigious Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries scheduled to take place in Spain on 7 October 2020 with the main theme "Advancing towards an Environment-Resistant Aquaculture." The conference will provide a global coliseum for international scholars and researchers to share their research findings with the world. It is accepted that good water quality to maintain viable aquaculture production is needed within the growing aquaculture industry. Low profits, low product quality and potential health risks may arise from the poor water quality. Production is reduced if the water contains contaminants which can impair the cultivated species ' development, growth, breeding, or even cause death. With the participation of representatives from all real aquaculture nations, the environment is energizing with open and friendly communication between the participants. In the foreseeable future, the volume of wild fish, at about 80 million tonnes, is projected to stagnate as 87% of the oceans are affected: over 57% of the world's wild stocks are fully exploited and another 30% are over harvested. Further income and food for their families and possibly for the market will be generated by farmers with low income investments in fish farming. This is a gathering, which gives the aquaculture and marine life sciences industry a chance to find out about flow and up-and- coming issues, explore new improvements in culture innovation, and interact with others with similar interests. We are proud to announce some novel awards of the congress below.

Best Organising Committee Member Aquaculture 2020

Open to all the dedicated OCM of the 2020 Aquaculture Congress who gives their suggestions and research experience, have given their best to make the congress succeed 100%. The award will be given to the OCM by the keynote speaker at the end of the congress.

Young Researcher Awards Aquaculture 2020

We are pleased to announce the Young Researcher Award for ground-breaking research and innovative creative minds for the future. The Young Researcher Award as part of this year's Aquaculture 2020 in Spain and the appointment would focus on subjective results and presentation. The selection process will be conducted by the members of the jury and the winner will be announced.

Outstanding Speaker in Aquaculture 2020

Outstanding speakers will be awarded to speakers with enthusiasm and a keen interest in the study. The speaker who had the best conversation and reacted to the jury will receive outstanding speakers ' awards. The appointment and selection process will be carried out by the representative of the organizing committee and the award will be announced at the end of the two-day congress.

Best Poster Award 2020

The awards are given to three top posters presented at Biotechnology 2020 (1st, 2nd and 3rd) by students or postdocs. It recognizes an excellent combination of research, innovation and performance. This award is judged by a small group of experts.

The Awardees are chosen on site and award recipients are announced during the conference (posters not attended on their schedule will not be considered). The certificate and the monetary award include these awards.

Miriam Rothschild
[email protected]

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