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Awards 2020 - Journal of Primary Care and General Practice (2019) Volume 2, Issue 2

Award Content for Nursing Practice 2020 ,

Dr. Farid Menaa

Director California Innovations Corporation, LA, USA E-mail: [email protected]

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We Nursing Practice 2020, welcomes all the Nursing professionals on behalf the organization Allied academies. We feel very grateful and fortunate to appreciate the achievements of our talented researchers who have made their contribution in treating patients and engaging in the researches which are helpful for the future developments.

Our Nursing Practice 2020 Conference conducts many session highlights for the participants like, Keynote presentations, plenary presentations, Poster presentations, Young Researcher presentations and Video Presentations.

Allied acknowledges the devotion and overwhelming works in all academic and research fields. By identifying their contribution; Allied encourages and motivate scholars, researcher and academicians by giving Allied Global Best Researcher Awards along with other individual awards in all academic specialties and categories. These Awards involves prestigious Award Certificate and Memento.

The best presentation is not only a witness to the individual’s diligence, but they also have the potential to change the whole realm as they can take the advantage to create better strategies and or a new approach.

And the awards are provided to recognize the participants who have made brilliant contributions to the field and to support active commitment for the advancement of the field.

The marks provided by the Scientific committee and the Congress Chair will be used to choose the attendee of these awards, and works with the top Scores that shall be suggested for the following awards:

Let’s recognize our health care professionals with the Awards.

Some of the Awards to be given for the participants has been listed below.

Best Keynote Speaker Award for Nursing Practice 2020:

This award seeks to recognize an outstanding Keynote Speaker who have done the Excellent Contribution towards his Oral Presentation, as well as towards the fields of Nursing & Healthcare. This award is also waiting for the Speakers who have made efforts towards the Conference. But in terms, we are looking for the Best Individual who made a real difference to achieve the Innovations in Nursing & Healthcare Sector.

Best Speaker Award of Nursing Practice 2020:

This award is seeking to recognize a Best Speaker or their team who are making an outstanding contribution to their Research in Nursing or Workshop in Healthcare Sector. This Award may be owed by Single Speaker or Team, in which it is awarded by the Organizing Committee Members of the Conference. The OCM’s will be nominating the Personnel/Team who have made Outstanding Output of Presentations towards the Nursing Practice 2020.

Best OCM Award of Nursing Practice 2020:

The Award is looking for an individual who has an established history of distinguished service towards Nursing Sector, made a lasting contribution for local healthcare, who have done the exhibited leadership through Networking and provide the inspiration to others throughout the event. The Main thing is individual should have an minimum experience of 20 years in Nursing or Healthcare Sector.

Best Poster Award of Nursing Practice 2020:

This award seeks to recognize an Team or Individual who had demonstrated their excellence with their research works through the Poster Presentations. After, Organizing Committee will be approaching to all the Posters for Review process and Queries to be Clarified. Later the Best Poster will be nominated among from all the Posters and the Fellow/Team of Best Poster will be felicitated with Certificate and Best Poster Award.

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