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Awards 2020 - Journal of Trauma and Critical Care (2019) Volume 3, Issue 2

Award 2020- 28th Asia Pacific Nursing Care Congress

Obeid Al Rashoud

Director of Nursing at Children Specialist Hospital, KSA, Saudi Arabia, E-mail: [email protected]

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Asian Nursing Care 2020 aims to gather the Researchers, principal investigators, experts and researchers working under academia and health care industry, Business Delegates, Scientists and students across the globe to provide an international forum for the dissemination of original research results, new ideas and practical development experiences. We hope that you will grasp this academic occasion to revitalize the enduring connections and flash with new peers around the globe.

We Asian Nursing Care 2020, welcomes all the Nursing professionals on behalf of the organization Allied Academies. We feel very grateful and fortunate to appreciate the achievements of our talented researchers who have made their contribution to treating patients and also engaging in the researches which are helpful for future developments.

This Award program is organized to recognize the Senior researchers, professionals and young talents who have made an enormous impact on the Scientific community. Now, we have assembled here to appreciate all the research works done by our academic researchers and to benefit their hard work and principles which these awardees represent, like compassion and zeal for discovering the new progression in the health community.

Allied Academies acknowledge the devotion and overwhelming works in all academic and research fields. By identifying their contribution; AAC encourages and motivates scholars, researchers and academicians by giving AAC Global Best Researcher Awards along with other individual awards in all academic specialties and categories. These Awards involve a prestigious Award Certificate and Memento.

Our Asian Nursing Care 2020 Conference conducts many session highlights for the participants like, Keynote presentations, Plenary presentations, Poster presentations, Young Researcher presentations and also Video Presentations. And the awards are provided to recognize the participants who have made brilliant contributions to the field and to support active commitment for the advancement of the field as a whole..

This award should encourage and stimulate the participants to make an effort, to understand their fullest ability which could, in turn, be valuable to the field as a whole. The best presents are not only a witness to the individual’s diligence, but they also have the potential to change the whole realm as they can take the advantage to create better strategies and or a new approach.

The marks provided by the Scientific Committee and the Congress Chair will be used to choose the attendee of these awards, and works with the top Scores that shall be suggested for the following awards:

The Best Plenary Award
The Best YRF Presentation Award
The Best Poster Award

And counting the contributions provided by our respective Organizing committee members, we are happy to announce the following awards also,

The Best OCM Award
The Best Keynote Award

The Best OCM Award

The Best OCM award is awarded to one of the Organizing Committee members who is the head of our conference, with their support we are managed to make a successful event. So it is our pleasure to compliment them for their endeavors they have contributed to the meeting on the whole.

Best Keynote Award

This award is given to the paper that has been considered to be the best in the keynote session. Asian Nursing acre 2020 Conference has a privilege in honoring the renowned professionals for their outstanding works in this field of Nursing.

Best Plenary Award

This award will be given for the most extraordinary presentation at the conference. It takes into regard that the lecture is very impactful, and the speaker is inspirational and honorable.

So we Asian Nursing Care 2020 feels more privilege in offering these awards with the help of session Chair, Co-Chair and the Scientific Committee.

Best YRF Presentation Award

The Best YRF Award will be given to an enrolled Ph.D. scholar or Students who are currently doing their Ph. D’s, for presenting the best student paper at the Asian Nursing Care 2020 Conference. This award is assembled on the scores given by the evaluation committee to each and every student's presentation. The Organizing Committee and the
Session Chair along with Co-chair decides the final determination on who receives this award.

Best Poster Presentation Award

The Asian Nursing Care 2020, the Organizing Committee has assigned a board headed by a chairperson to review the poster sessions and to acknowledge the best poster presentations. The Session Chair and the Scientific committee determines which poster presentation will collect the Best Poster Presentation Award, based on the evaluation scores of the board members.

Thus, We, 28th Asia Pacific Nursing Care Congress Warmly welcomes all the Speakers and students to exhibit their researches in this esteemed forum to get recognized and to share your study and knowledge to the betterment of the future.

Join us at the Asian Nursing Care 2020 meeting!! We welcome you all!

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