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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Advances in Health Science and Biotechnology Application

Application method and effect analysis of superior nursing in chronic cervicitis patients

Haiyan Sun1, Cuiqin He1 and Aiqin Gu2*

1Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Taizhou People's Hospital,Taizhou, Jiangsu, PR China

2Department of Preventive Medicine, Taizhou People's Hospital,Taizhou, Jiangsu, PR China

*Corresponding Author:
Aiqin Gu
Department of Preventive Medicine
Taizhou People's Hospital, PR China

Accepted date: November 04, 2017

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Objective: High quality nursing intervention is given to patients with chronic cervicitis, to explore, analyze and study the effects of nursing intervention in clinic.

Methods: 74 chronic cervicitis patients in our hospital were regarded as study objects, they were randomly divided into the control group and the experimental group, each 37 cases. The control group was given routine nursing of hospital. The experimental groups were given nursing intervention on the basis of this. Compared and analyzed efficiency and satisfaction of nursing.

Results: Compared with the control group, the efficiency and satisfaction for nursing in experiment group higher than the control group, there were significant statistical differences (P<0.05).

Conclusion: High quality nursing intervention on chronic cervicitis can help promote early recovery of health. The effects are obvious. Efficiency of nursing satisfaction is promoted effectively, which has highly significance in clinic.


Chronic cervicitis, High quality nursing, Application methods, Effects


Chronic cervicitis as one of common severe diseases in gynecological diseases in our country. The induction factors are multiple and complex, such as sexual [1] abuse of female, irregular life and hygiene and so on. Clinical onset is relatively high, which bring inconvenience to life of female, severe injury to psychology and physical health. Therefore, using high quality nursing intervention during clinical drug treatment for it, which will promote recovery of health. Nursing work is one of specific service methods with strong professional theory, with the wide application of high quality nursing methods in gynecological diseases, has achieved good effects.

This study continue to working on rehabilitation of chronic cervicitis [2] patients on the basis of clinical treatment. Observation on nursing intervention can improve clinical effects of cervicitis, which will provide more experience for clinical work in in the future. It gives relative healthy guide with niche targeting, helps recovery of diseases of patients, promotes nursing service quality, has highly significance in clinical nursing.

Materials and Methods

General data

A total of 74 chronic cervicits in our hospital were selected as study objects. All inclusive patients met diagnostic criteria. Diagnostic basis followed cases records, symptoms and signs in clinic and so on. They were randomly divided into the control group and the experiment group, each 37 cases. The age of patients in the control group was from 26 to 4 years old. The average age was 30.3 ± 5.1 years old. The age of patients in the experiment group was from 28 to 41 years old. The average age was 30.2 ± 4.8 years old. Patients in two groups all were approved by hospital ethics committee and signed consent form. Compared general data including sex, age etc. between two groups, there were no significant statistical differences (P>0.05), it had comparability.


Medical staff gave hospital routine nursing to patients in the control group. The experiment group adopted high quality intervention. Conduction methods were as followed: they preached relevant healthy education to patients, identified demand of health education, but paid attention to protection for patients’ privacy, obtain absolute trust of patients at the same time. According to cultural level and cognition ability for the world of patients and families, they formulated specific health education strategies, guided patients according to work and life themselves for treatment arrangement, emphasized importance and necessary of treatment, further obtain understanding and cooperation of patients [3,4].

Second, during treatment of chronic cervicitis, heavy physical labor should be inhibited. Relieving uncomfortable of patients properly, after recovery of patients gradually, increasing exercise intensity, paying attention to proper combination of labor and rest to strengthen constitution. It was suggested that patients should form good habits during comfortable nursing in life, guarantee full sleep, observe and record conditions of patients, guarantee full intake amount everyday, eating smaller, more frequent meals, more food with rich protein, eating smaller, more frequent meals. Immunity of body decrease, now it was easily to be attacked by bacteria. So all nursing must follow sterile operation strictly, guarantee dryness and clean of perineum, take or smear anti-bacterial drugs to prevent infection according to doctor’s advice. Constant panic, restless emotions and so on of psychological rehabilitation nursing, heavy stress may influence treatment effects. So it was need to communicate with patients closely to enhance trust of patients and build confidence themselves. Patients will have a comprehensive learning for this check during communication, making positive treatment cooperation and working to promote recovery of diseases.

Evaluation methods

Compared efficiency and nursing satisfaction of patients in two groups. According to criteria of nursing service quality, the satisfaction for nursing mode was divided into three grades, they were satisfactory, common, unsatisfactory. Satisfactory degree (%) was the sum of satisfactory rate and common satisfactory rate.

Statistical methods

This study used SPSS 14.0 software to do comparison and analysis for all statistical data in two groups with different treatment. Measurement data used t-test, all data was represented by ͞x ± S. Enumeration data used % to represent, using χ2 test. If P<0.05 between groups, it showed there were significant differences.


Results of diagnostic analysis

Nursing effects of patients in two groups seen in Table 1. From the data, effective number after intervention in experiment group were 35 cases. Ineffective number were 2 cases. Through calculation, effective rate can reach to 94.6%. Effective number of nursing in the control group were 30 cases. Ineffective number were 7 cases. Effective rate was 81.08%. Clinical effects in experiment group better than the control group obviously and differences were high, there were statistical differences (P<0.05).

Group n Effective numbers Ineffective numbers Effective rate (%)
Experiment group 37 35 2 94.6
The control group 37 30 7 81.0

Table 1. Comparison of nursing effects in two groups (n).

Comparison of satisfaction of patients in two groups

Nursing intervention satisfaction of patients in two groups seen in Table 2. Satisfactory number after intervention of patients in experiment group was 22 cases. Nursing accounted for 10 cases usually. Its satisfaction reached to 86.5%. Satisfactory number in the control group was 16 cases. Number of nursing were 5 cases, its satisfactory was only 56.8%. The satisfaction in highly quality nursing groups increased by 30%. There were significant differences in satisfaction between groups, there were statistical differences (P<0.05).

Group n Satisfactory Common Unsatisfactory Satisfactory (%) rate
Experiment group 37 22 10 5 86.5
The control group 37 16 5 16 56.8

Table 2. comparison of satisfaction between groups (n).


Cervicitis is the common gynecological diseases, which threats female health as one of common diseases. Because of specific character of treatment in hospital, and gynecological patients as a kind of specific group in treatment. With the development of society and increase of pressure of life and work, the onset risk of female gynecological patients increase, its incidence rate increases greatly and onset rate relatively high [5]. Conditions of gynecology is complex. The onset location is specific. Some patients are not familiar with conditions and worry about its treatment effects. Other patients are not active on clinical treatment and nursing work, which easily produce a series of emotions (fear, anxiety and depression etc), influence its effects and prognosis severely, not benefit for recovery of patients.

Nursing work is a kind of specific service mode with strong specific theory. Intervention nursing should strengthen professional technology knowledge of nursing staff. Nursing work refers to nursing staff use various mode and methods to help recover health of patients, promote comfort of patients, enhance comfortable feeling during nursing process, which can strengthen compliance for treatment, satisfaction for nursing, reduce side effects, improve life quality of patients to guarantee the best state of effects, lower unhappiness, producing positive effects for effects promotion [6]. Therefore, using corresponding high quality nursing to intervene it can obtain relatively effects.

This paper after high quality nursing intervention, results of study show that nursing effective rate of patients in the experiment group is 94.6% by effective rate and satisfaction of nursing in two groups, much higher than nursing effective rate in the control group. The satisfaction of patients in experiment group increases by 29.7% comparing with the control group. Therefore, nursing effects in the experiment are more obvious than the control group (P<0.05), which improve symptoms of patients obviously, it shows nursing strategies are benefit for strengthening recovery of health, improvement of patients’ life quality. Therefore, treatment effects have positive guiding meaning, deserving learning in clinic.

Through study, it is found that we should pay more attention to chronic cervicitis, relevant rehabilitation treatment should be given during early detection and early drug treatment. Rehabilitation nursing also the key circle during treatment process. The ultimate treatment effects of patients will be more quick and better.


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