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Announcement - Addiction and Criminology (2021) Volume 4, Issue 3

Announcement: Addiction and Criminology.

Kristina Gilbert*

Managing Editor, Addiction and Criminology, United Kingdom

Corresponding Author:
Kristina Gilbert
Managing Editor Addiction and Criminology
United Kingdom
[email protected]

Accepted Date: July 26, 2021

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New Member Added to the Editorial Board

Dear readers,

Warm greetings from Addiction and Criminology. It is my pleasure to reach out to fellow members of our esteemed society through this journal. I take this opportunity to introduce our new Editor, Dr. Li-Min Cheng. We warmly congratulate Dr. Li-Min Cheng, for joining the 2021 Editorial Board. We hope you find your time at the Addiction and criminology insightful as you study, evaluate, and engage in Criminology and its relevant fields. Please read below to learn more about Dr. Li-Min Cheng.

Li-Min Cheng is adjunct assistant professor, at the Department of International Business of Providence University, Taiwan, the Department of Public Administration of the National Open University, Taiwan, also he is a specialist of the consumer protection office of Legal Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government, Taiwan.


• Ph.D. in Business Administration, Da-Yeh University, Taiwan (2018)
• Master of Public Administration, Tung-Hai University, Taiwan (2002)
• Bachelor of Law, Fu-Jen University, Taiwan (1997)


• Director of the secretariat office of Legal Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government, Taiwan
• Adjunct assistant professor, the Department of Financial and Economic Law of Asia University, Taiwan
• Consultant of Changhua County Electronic Commerce Association, Taiwan

Qualification and Fellowship

• Editor of Addiction & Drug Abuse Open Access Journal (ADOAJ)
• Teacher of Gender Equality Education, Taiwan
• Member of Nantou County Government Elderly Welfare Promotion Committee


Interdisciplinary research of business administration, public administration, and jurisdiction.

I sincerely request that all members contribute by sending in their insightful ideas and articles. In all of our endeavours, I look forward to your inspiration, guidance, and constructive criticism.

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