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Young Research Forum - Journal of Medical Oncology and Therapeutics (2019) Volume 4, Issue 2

2020 Young Researcher Forum for 18th World Congress on Cancer Genomics

Adrian Udrea

Medical Director, Co-Owner la Medisprof Cancer Center, Romania E-mail: [email protected]

The Cancer Genomics organizing committee, is proud to announce its Young Research Forum for the admired event, 18th World Congress on Cancer Genomics scheduled to be held on July 1-2, 2020 in Paris, France with the theme of “Unveiling Recent Ideas in Cancer Genomics” which purposes to accumulate the fledgling minds which encompass students, recent graduates, etc. from around the globe in order to offer them with a stage to share their concepts and novelties to research outcomes with knowledgeable mentors and scientists who can support or recommend their appreciated opinions for the same.

Cancer Genomics 2020 focuses on the current advancements that can precisely influence the potential developments in the area and to provide the young researchers who are going to serve the future world with a discussion council with the most accomplished professionals in the date.

The conference attempts to stimulate and train the young attitude by moulding them in the hands of the most competent and enlightening scientists and doctors in the field of genes and cancer genomics. The congress will offer extreme interacting prospects which will deliver the young researches with a chance to get their ongoing or finished works examined by associates and seniors likewise.

The young academicians in the field of oncogenomics can avail professional development by networking with the skilled experts in the field along with exchanging ideas to open new tracks of novelty with board discussions with their contemporaries and peers where they can have the advantage of learning from each other in a responsive atmosphere and shape a collective foundation of young scientists in the field.

The conference paper must consist of new ideas that have not been circulated earlier in order to have a qualitative assessment for choosing the best young researcher among the gathering of scientists. The criteria to be enrolled under Young Research Forum includes young researchers, graduates and post graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, junior faculties and trainees who are under the age of 33 years.

The submissions must be genuine and honest to the core and must be made in English under any of the conference highlights which will be reviewed by experts and experienced professionals relevant to the field. The researchers can gain the value of getting reviews and explanations to unsolved problems from resource persons in the field of oncogenomics and distribution of information among the young scientists.

The Best Young Research Forum Award will be presented to the scientists whose involvement and innovation will have the projection to bring revolutionary changes in the field of Cancer Genomics and the submitted paper will be published in the Allied academies Publishing Group journals.

We embrace the young minds from around the world in the field of cancer genomics who are already acting intensely to create a better future for the health of the world population. We await your honourable presence at the rewarding event.

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