Addiction & Criminology

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Editorial - Addiction & Criminology (2021) Volume 4, Issue 4

1 Editorial note.

Li Min Cheng*

Department of International Business, Providence University, Taiwan

Corresponding Author:
Li Min Cheng
Department of International Business
Providence University Taiwan

Accepted date: July 27, 2021

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In terms of academic research, I have a background in public administration, legal system, and management, so my existing researches will integrate these three aspects. In recent years, my research has mainly focused on management strategies for tobacco hazard prevention and control. In addition to writing related articles, I also participated in some research projects and policy-making, and familiar with the operation of government agencies and the legal systems. Different from the background of other scholars, as a member of the editor, I will analyze problems from the inter-disciplinary perspective and provide practical suggestions. Although there are a lot of researches on tobacco hazards, the prevention and control strategies for tobacco hazards are relatively limited. Regarding the prevention and control of smoke hazards, countries around the world have different control strategies, especially emerging tobacco products such as E-cigarettes or heating cigarettes. The densities of management in different countries are different in order to maintain the health of the people. In terms of control strategy, there should be a legal basis for administrative actions that restrict people's rights. On the subject of research and review, my mainly research is how to analyze and solve problems from the aspects of public administration, legal system and management, and explores and suggests the strategies and solutions that the government can adopt in the future. I am very willing to review the submission articles about public administration, legal system and management in the study of tobacco hazards. I will provide specific opinions on the articles to improve relevant control measures from the inter-disciplinary research point of view. Especially at the legal level, we should pay more attention to legal liability issues that may be faced by the competent authority, industry, and consumers, so that the submission article can be more complete and can benefit academic value.

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