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Short Article - Journal of Biotechnology and Phytochemistry (2021) Volume 5, Issue 3

World Biotechnology 2018: The future of the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology market and research in Brazil with the next president (2019-2023) - getting ready - Wilker Ribeiro Filho - Regar Institute, Brazil

Brazil has now about 208 million inhabitants and the country???s constitution says that ???every citizen has the right to access the public healthcare??? and this make a permanent opportunity for pharmaceutical companies. According to SINDUSFARMA in its website???s documents, in 2017 the Brazilian market was about US$ 18 billion being the #1 in Latin America, around the 8th in the world with 241 companies registered (144 national e 97 from abroad). Just the public investments and purchases though the national???s Ministry of Health was about US$ 3.6 billion. Yet, the government???s investment???s depend on considerable volatile public policy???s that may change depending on the government, which is not that different from other countries. From the year 2019 to the year 2023, a new president will rule the country when the pharma companies shall be aware of its intentions regarding the public healthcare system, public acquisition of drugs etc, so companies can get ready for new and bigger partnerships with the government or also new challenges. The public expenditure with healthcare has increased considerably in some aspects, specially to supply the patients with high cost medicines such as biopharmaceuticals and changes also may occur with public policies for funding science and technology projects, innovation programs??? support and investments in education. As these activities are mainly performed in public institutions, with very low percentage of private investments, they are in the campaign???s programs of the stronger candidates. Biotechnology is still considered a ???technology of the future??? in the country so the government still gives considerable attention to the matter, but less than it used to give up to 3 years ago. In this brief presentation I shall discuss possibilities for the next president term in Brazil, regarding public policies to come, how it can impact the biopharmaceutical healthcare support with the billionaire market of the public purchases, as much as the bioscience and technology public funding. By the time this presentation takes place, the new president will already be elected and interesting scenarios shall be possible to discuss. 

Author(s): Wilker Ribeiro Filho

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