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Short Communication - Journal of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Who care? virtual therapist to assist caregivers of stroke patients - a pilot study.

Caregivers of stroke patients take over the roles of nurses, therapists and health workers once the patients were discharged home. Evidence show that caregiver training is an essential component of stroke rehabilitation to decrease hospital stay [1], enhance carer’s quality of life [1], reduce burden of care, and reduce risk of injury to carers and patients [2-4]. Since traditional caregiver trainings are relied on direct therapist contact with caregivers within limited contact time, it is a challenge for therapists to ensure caregivers could remember the knowledge and skills. Recent evidence showed that educational video can improve performance accuracy [5] and knowledge of patients with stroke [6]. A pilot study of Virtual Therapist had been launched in inpatient stroke rehabilitation program of Tai Po Hospital by Physiotherapy Department. Virtual Therapist took advantages of recent advances in video-sharing technologies via smart phone or tablets that allow caregivers of stroke patients to review the videos just like a virtual therapist is available for consultation anytime and anywhere.

Author(s): Bryan Ping Ho Chung, Cherry Chau Yee Yeung, Gloria Hiu Wing Lau, Michelle Yan Ki Tse, Tak Man Lo, Titanic Fuk On Lau

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