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Research Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2015) Volume 5, Issue 1

Vertigo: A precursor of Stroke: Role of an otolaryngologist

Introduction:Vertigo is usually of benign nature but can be a precursor of a very fatal outcome. Many patients with multiple vascular risk factors and seemingly benign isolated episodes of vertigo have occasionally been seen to develop an ischaemic event (stroke) by various researchers .As the bulk of vertigo patients (nearly 80%)are treated by otolaryngologists ,some of these patients with constitutive risk factors could be at actual risk of stroke, so early identification of such patients becomes necessary .

Methods & Results: This is a retrospective study of 92 stroke patients admitted in SHMS hospital, Srinagar(2009 -2011) who were reviewed and enquired for any history of true vertigo episodes prior to or at onset of stroke .Study included 64 male patients and 28 female patients with about 65%of the patients falling in the age group of 51-70 years. History of transient ischaemic attacks were reported in 9 patients while vertigo(single and multiple episodes ) was seen in 24 patients prior to stroke in this study. Conclusion: Vertigo should be regarded a precursor of stroke in patients with multiple vascular risk factors and they should be evaluated for veretebrobasilar insufficiency by MRI/MRA at an earliest so that preventive measures can be adopted in time.

Author(s): Irfan ul Shamas , Fayaz A Wagay ,Farooq Ahmad Itoo , M. Imran Wagay

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