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Editorial - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2021) Volume 11, Issue 12

Vertical connections between the disparity point of maxillary molar roots and the maxillary sinus floor: a cone-pillar processed tomography (cbct) study.

The area of maxillary molar roots to the maxillary sinus floor (MSF) should be considered before any dental strategy including maxillary molar roots that may push a new body inside the maxillary sinus and augmentation the shot at spreading a sickness in the sinus Procedures for instance periapical endodontic medical procedures may incite complexities expecting the association between the root tips and MSF was not evaluated going before the method. It is striking that the intricacies following extraction of the maxillary molars are root tip break, oroantral correspondence, root dislodging in the maxillary sinus.

Author(s): Andreas Kiermeier*

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