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Case Report - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2022) Volume 12, Issue 87

Use of mirror therapy and PNF in bells palsy - Case report.

Bell’s palsy is a neurological condition involving VII Cranial nerve characterized by facial drooping and weakness. This is a case study on Bell’s palsy involving 32-year old women, Mrs. who was referred to physiotherapy (PT). The patient reported primary complaints of difficulty drinking, drooling of saliva, trouble speaking clearly and right eye dryness. Cranial Nerve VII examination findings found right sided facial droop and drooping at the corner of her right eye and right side of her mouth. The PT intervention included patient education, facial muscle strengthening, mirror therapy, PNF exercises. Following PT intervention, Mrs. G increased her facial muscle strength, with a near complete recovery at 2 weeks, and was discharged from PT. In the future, more high quality research and evidence is needed to support the role of PT in treating Bell’s palsy

Author(s): Muzahid k Sheikh, Bulbul Bhagikhaye, Milind Kahile, Shailesh Patil, Shriram Kane, Pratibha Dawande, Amol Gaikwad

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