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Rapid Communication - Journal of Cancer Clinical Research (2022) Volume 5, Issue 5

Treatment of benign tracheobronchial cancers with endoscopy

Despite the fact that benign tracheobronchial tumours are very uncommon, they can nonetheless restrict the airways, cause suffocation, and necessitate emergency surgery to remove the attempting to block lesions and clear the respiratory tracts. Although surgery is the treatment of choice, tumours can still be challenging to treat in some situations, and surgical complications are frequent. Therefore, bronchoscopy therapies, including Nd: YAG laser, electrocautery, APC, and cryotherapy, are crucial for treating benign tracheobronchial tumours and can effectively treat the majority of them. It has been proven that therapeutic endoscopy is effective for treating patients with benign airway blockage. The effectiveness of bronchoscopy managements for the therapy, however, heavily depends on the attentive identification of different aspects, including the location, size, and shape of the tumour as well as the age, status, and cardiopulmonary function of the patients, and thorough comprehension of the limitations and possibilities of each particular technique

Author(s): Martinez Sanchez

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