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Case Report - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2015) Volume 5, Issue 4

Trapezoid Shaped Omohyoideus Muscle: An Anatomic Variation Seen in Functional Neck Dissection

Omohyoid muscle (Om) is an important ana-tomical landmark in cervical lymph node par-tition, neck dissection for head and neck can-cers and cervical spine surgery. It consists of two bellies united at an angle by an interme-diate tendon. Variations in the origin and in-sertion of the muscle, absence or duplication of the superior or inferior bellies, aberrant position in relation to IJV and sternocleideo-mastoid muscle have been reported. We re-port a rare anatomical variation of the Om in this report. This variation was observed dur-ing neck dissection of a 58 years-old male pa-tient with laryngeal carcinoma. It was noticed that, the superior belly of Om was in a trape-zoid shaped unilaterally

Author(s): Lokman Uzun, Numan Kokten, Gul Ozbilen Acar

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