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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2015) Volume 5, Issue 48

Translation, validation and psychometric properties of Bahasa Malaysia version of the Perception of Anticoagulant Therapy Questionnaire (PACTQ)

Background: Patients’ perceptions towards anticoagulation therapy (ACT) are related to the anticoagulation control (ACC). In Malaysia, there is no a validated assessment tool to determine patient perception towards ACT. Objectives: The aim of this study is to validate the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Perception of Anticoagulant Therapy Questionnaire (BM-PACTQ), which is conceptually equivalent to the original English version and can be used to measure Bahasa Malaysia-speaking patients within the context of Malaysia. Methods: The translation processes were done according to standard guidelines. A crosssectional survey was conducted in three tertiary hospitals in Malaysia. A total of 270 patients who fulfilled the inclusion criteria voluntarily answered the 27-item questionnaire which used 5-point Likert rating. The reliability and validity analyses of the BM-PACTQ were performed through internal consistency, test re-test reliability, face validity, content validity, and construct validity. Results: Good internal consistency was found for convenience and ACT satisfaction (Cronbach’s alpha =0.90 and 0.88, respectively), but satisfactory for treatment expectation (TE) (Cronbach’s alpha =0.62). The test-retest reliability value was good (>0.90) for all scales. Within BM-PACTQ scales, the individual items produced moderate correlations with their own scales than with other scales (r ≥ 0.45). Patients had a moderate expectation towards ACT, but had higher convenience and satisfaction towards ACT. Patients who had higher perceptions had significantly good ACC (p<0.05). Conclusions: The BM-PACTQ was found to have good psychometric properties to measure patients’ perceptions towards ACT. Therefore, this version can be used in future research to achieve good ACC in anticoagulation patients. Keywords: Bahasa Malaysia, oral anticoagulant, perceptions, satisfaction, validation

Author(s): Sahimi Mohamed, Tariq Abdul Razak, Rosnani Hashim

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