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Review Article - Journal of Biotechnology and Phytochemistry (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Traditional Concepts in Understanding Cancer

Even after investing trillions of dollars by the society, the cure for cancer became only every ones dream, till now no molecule is successful to prevent the cancer or to safeguard from death even after continuous research effort of the modern sciences and therapeutics. This is because of wrong understanding of cancer by the modern medicine where the synthetics, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgeries instead of healing they started acting as mutagens after long exposure and stimulating the cancer environment to be vast.

The missing concepts in treatment of cancer are harmony, rejuvenation, restoring balance and strength but were well understood by traditional systems and metaphysics. The missed concept in healing of cancer by modern sciences is to boost immunity and it was almost failed by modern sciences in treatment of cancer. As per the metaphysics the cancer is a disease of imbalance and as per Ayurveda mentioned in the concepts of Kriyakala, this imbalance can be made proper only by change in kriya which means change in one’s daily habits. The preventive approach in treatment of cancer was not well understood by the modern scientists but it was well understood by traditional healers. As per traditional concepts, the cancer is a state of imbalance and modern medicine is failed to restore back. The restoring of balance and prevention of cancer is possible only by change in toxic life styles like alcoholism, smoking, illicit sex and food styles. As per the modern sciences the cancer is a result of mutation and blindly the modern molecules or therapies themselves starting act as mutagens on long exposure. So now the question raises to mind is whether the cancer can be prevent or it can be cured? Yes both can be possible if we able to reconstitute the lost energy and balance in the cells which is possible by taking satvic food which contains more amount of green and substitution of green in food rainbow definitely restores the balance and boosts immunity, There are new claims over the web that changing to veganism can cure cancer and makes an individual to be resistant against cancer.

As per the traditional concepts of metaphysics, the main of cause of cancer is anger, emotion and lust, if we are able to control or balance these toxic outputs of an individual’s, it is possible to rejuvenate and restore the cancer cells in to original balanced state and this is possible by yoga, acupuncture and crystal therapy. Even as per spiritual concept the balance and harmony in one’s life is possible by living in a state of compassion.

The most important hidden therapy everyone has to focus in restoration of balance in cancer is music therapy, recent evidences claim that the binaural frequency restores the cancer cell in to normal and there is an increase in survival rate, when cancer patients are subjected to binaural beat frequency. To conclude, the curing and prevention of cancer does not need always costly therapies or drug discovery but a rational thinking to understand what is cancer? This prevention is possible only when modern sciences try to understand and validate the traditional concepts of balance, restoration and compassion which are possible when science able to create a balanced environment for every individual and it can be done learning the real meaning of balance life and ecosystem.



Author(s): Chaitanya MVNL

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