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Short Communication - Virology Research Journal (2021) Volume 5, Issue 3

The seroepidemiology of HBsAg, HIV Ab and HCV Ab in pregnancy, Malekan city, Iran- Seyedataollah Montazam- Ardabil University of Medical Sciences

 HIV, HBV and HCV are the major STIs. Due to common methods of transmission, HBV positive individuals are at risk of co-infection with HIV and HCV infections. The seroepidemiologic rates of co-infection with HBV, HCV and HIV have been variable worldwide pertaining to the geographic regions and the type of exposure, however, there is no sufficient information about pregnancy period. The aim of this research is surveying the seroepidemiology of HIV, HCV and HBV in pregnant women and correlation with socio-economic factors. A total of 186 blood samples of pregnant women in the first trimester were collected and studied for HBsAg, HCVAb and HIVAb by ECL method from April 2017 to March 2018. Data about Age, socioeconomic factors were analyzed by SPSS and Chi-square. Seroepidemiologic rate of anti- HIV was 0%, HCV Ab 0.54 %( 1 case) and HBsAg, 1.61% (3 cases). Co-infection for HBsAg and HCVAb was seen in 1person (0.54%). There was no significant relationship between socioeconomic factors ( p>0.005), but there was significant relation between HBV and HCV positive rate and age group( p<0005). The all positive cases were at 35 to 40 years age group. The overwhelming majority of STI like HBV, HCV and HIV in developing countries are transmitted via sexual contact now. But in the past, intravenous drug addiction was the common way in Iran. HBV vaccination and free lab tests for pregnant women in Iran are the main cause for reducing STI rates in all various socioeconomic groups of people. We recommend that all people should be tested regarding STI factors before marriage and pregnancy time for deduction of infections in the future. Likewise, educational programs are necessary.

Author(s): Seyedataollah Montazam and Mahya Salehi

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