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Review Article - Journal of Clinical Immunology Research (2020) Volume 3, Issue 2

The screening of the patients having risk for hepatitis c in low-income an middle-income countries: A comparison of elisa and chemiluminescencen methods.

Objective:Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is one of the widespread causes of death and morbidity among viral hepatitis. The incidence rates of chronic viral hepatitis C in the Republic of Kazakhstan increased.The study aimed to compare two tests for screening hepatitis C available in low-income and middle-income countries for routine clinical practice. Methods: comparison of ELISA and chemiluminescence methods. Statistical analysis was performed using the laboratory information system. Results: The results of preliminary E?L screening of patients at risk for HCV who took part in the study, are presented in tables and figures. Results of the study are complex and relevant, For the purpose of the study, correlations were used to identify any possible relationships between ECL index and indicators of ELISA. Also correlations antibodies detected in ECL and ELISA are outlined. Conclusion: The study showed that E?l and third generation of ELISA are good diagnostic tools for screening and conformation HCV risk patients.Antibodies defined in the ECL test correlated with core antibodies ELISA.We cannot conclude anything about false-negative results since our studies did not allow us to identify patients in the “gray zone”. For the effective diagnosis of hepatitis C patients, it is necessary to confirm and also exclude by RT-PCR

Author(s): Aigul Medetova,Galiya Abdulina, Berik Kouchebekov, Saule Ahmetova, DanMoraru, Antonella Chesca, Sorina Anamaria Pestre, Tim Sandle

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