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Special Issue Article - Journal of Clinical Immunology Research (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

The roles of Exosomes have in common with viruses like HIV & COVID -19

Exosomes are excretory nano-vesicles that are created by the cell's endocytic framework and shed from the outside of practically a broad range of cells. There are six significant contributing elements that lead to the declining acidic pH of the body liquids. As the pH of the body liquids become repaid by these six contributing variables and the body cell films and hereditary material start to decline the cells discharge exosomes as a maintain to actuate and uphold the lymphocytes to carry oxygen species or cancer prevention agents to decrease the acidic burdens put away in the interstitial liquids of the Interstitium. The one action is to help the insusceptible framework with expanded measures of diminished oxygen (O-) and decreased hydrogen (H-) to reinstate the soluble plan of the body liquids, open up the diverts of end so as to eliminate dietary, metabolic, respiratory and natural harmful acidic waste held in the interstial liquids of the Interstitium and beside these lines re-establishing.
Author(s): Eliza Priyadarshini

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