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Short Communication - Virology Research Journal (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

The prevalence of Trichomonas vaginalis infection among women and their husbands, Malekan city, Iran- Mahya Salehi- Tabriz University of Medical Sciences.

 This infection is one of the main causes of fertility between women. The aims were the estimation of prevalence rate, clinical symptoms of women and their husbands in comparison with other societies. In a cross-sectional study in 2015 to 2017, we collected vaginal discharge of 249 women with infectious discharge, burning, itching and 64 urethral discharge of their husbands. We examined for parasite (direct and staining method), symptom kind and age in women and in positive cases husbands. The urinary infection or other STI were excluded from the study. Data were analyzed by SPSS software.64 women had trichomonas (25.7%). The most common symptoms were infectious discharge 100%, burning 90.6% and itching 85.9%. The most of patients were at >35 years old group. 64 men participated in study. 20 of them had trichomonas infection (31.25%). But 80% of positive men did not have any kind of symptom. The results showed, there was no significant difference between parasite existence and symptom or residency area (p>0.05). But there was significant difference with age group and educational rate (p<0.05). The examination of patients husbands is necessary. Also, vaginal discharge test must be achieved as soon as possible. Educational programs for family health are essential too.

Author(s): Mahya Salehi1 and Seyedataollah Montazam2

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