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Perspective - Journal of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine (2022) Volume 6, Issue 5

The preliminary investigation towards a web based scale to track countries proficiency for newborn physiotherapists.

The goal of this three-step mixed method feasibility study was to create and pilot-test an online survey (ICSO-R-pedsPT) to describe paediatric physiotherapy services available around the world. The ICSO-R 2.0, a framework for classifying rehabilitation service organisations, was assessed to identify items relevant to paediatric physiotherapy that could be collected via an online survey. The poll was pilot-tested by fourteen physiotherapists, and three of them took part in online interviews. Based on interactions with 91 subjects from 30 countries, the revised survey was modified. The final edition of the ICSO-R-pedsPT has 42 questions arranged into three categories: participant characteristics, service delivery, and provider - work setting. The ICSO-R 2.0 framework can be used to create online surveys that define services across contexts and countries.

Author(s): Odete Alves

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