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Rapid Communication - Journal of Cancer Clinical Research (2022) Volume 5, Issue 6

The possibility of cervical cancer & endometrial cancer paradigm for surgical management?

Cases of cervical cancer metastatic to the bowel are not uncommon since repetitive cervical cancer can commonly metastasize to adjacent structures by coordinate expansion. In any case, in repetitive cervical cancer patients who have gotten rehashed radiation treatment, the treatment approach for intense stomach torment has been by and large set up based on the primary demonstrative impression of radiation enteritis. Hence, we need to report with the point of informing that the plausibility of bowel metastasis, particularly in patients who have more than once gotten radiation treatment for repetitive cervical cancer, ought to moreover be considered not as it were for radiation enteritis. Here, we report the case which appeared the clinical determination of radiation enteritis after getting rehashed radiation treatment for repetitive cervical cancer, but appeared the ultimate pathologic conclusion of bowel metastasis.

Author(s): Brown Dennis

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