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Review Article - Journal of Biotechnology and Phytochemistry (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

The Hidden Therapies in Cancer Cure

 According to modern definitions given by National Cancer, cancer is the name given to a group of collective relative diseases where cells divide without stop which may be because of unfavorable genetic mutations and energy imbalances occurring inside the cell. As per the American cancer society, 22,240 new cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed and 14,070 ovarian cancer deaths in the US were identified in 2018. Every year this number is increasing but not decreasing even though billions of rupees spent by government to treat this cancer. The chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug discovery are big fail in the treatment of cancer. This may be due to wrong understand about the definition and cause of cancer by modern sciences and pharmaceutical companies. The mistake is forgetting the cure by nature and making this main therapy called natural healing to alternative therapy. Hence to cure cancer, we have look back on our main system of healing known as holistic healing in order to put back the energy constitution and rejuvenation theories in to the cancer cells to make them to behave as normal natural cells. This current manuscript focuses on the possible holistic approaches to prevent and heal cancer. Some of these energy reconstitution therapies are food therapy, crystal therapy, chlorophyllin therapy, Acupressure, yoga and Alternative medicines.


As per Vedic scriptures, the cancer is not a single disease but a group of chronic disorders related to unattended disturbances in dhatus (body tissues) and dosha (basic body constituents). This is known as tumor or non-healing ulcer as per modern definitions and in some cases it is known as cancer. The cause of group of diseases in cancer as per Ayurveda is due to tiryak gati of dosha. This means that the body constituents have been displaced from original balance and are responsible for causing disturbances in body tissues and expressing unnecessary disease symptoms. This makes a huge difference in understanding cancer by the modern sciences and Vedic sciences.The Ayurveda regimen therapy always emphasizes on the prevention of cause, this is possible by change in ahara (daily food habits), Vichara (Psychological wellbeing), shodana (detoxification), shaman (rebalancing the disturbed energies) and rasayana (rejuvenation).Even though scientific evidences are not available, many claims are available over web that cancer can be heal through crystal therapy and some of the crystals useful in treatment of cancer. It is defined as a semisynthetic mixture of water-soluble sodium copper salts derived from chlorophyll. However, it is a water-soluble form of chlorophyll that exists in green plants in form of its copper salts. The USFDA published the monograph of chlorophyllin very recently. Some of the researchers claimed that chlorophyllin proved significant antimutagenic activity in various stress conditions like smoking etc., proved to be more efficacious than vitamin, carotenoids and ergosterols etc, however the clinical status and molecular dynamics have to be proved. It is a major type of alternative therapy where the entire cancer globe has to look back on this therapy to heal. It is the first energy reconstitution therapy that put backs the energy disturbances in the system in to a harmony or balance through removing the blockages with the help of pinching at particular points to clear the flow of energy in all the cells, the Next type is acupressure where the experts removes the blockages of the energies by doing special massage to the foot with certain type of aromatic oils, so that the energy constitution of the cells will setback in to harmony. Even though many people expressing their positive feedback, still scientific evidences are missing

The present editorial review focuses on the importance of neglected or hidden alternative therapies in the treatment of cancer which can be understand by common man for treating cancer. The subtle understanding of the cancer is not properly understood by modern sciences and hence the modern therapy is failed to put back the energy constitution phenomenon in cancer treatment, The modern drugs or the synthetic drugs cant able to treat any type of cancer till date because all these chemicals or drugs may act as mutagens in long term use that’s why on long term usage the cancer cells becoming resistant to these chemical substances. These synthetics/ radiations don’t have capability to bring the cells to its original balance. This is possible only by the alternative therapies and change in life style, however the clinical significance of these therapies should be prove and the researchers have to think in new dimension to treat cancer using these hidden therapies.

Author(s): Chaitanya MVNL

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