Journal of Environmental Waste Management and Recycling

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Commentary - Journal of Environmental Waste Management and Recycling (2021) Volume 4, Issue 2

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

At times, individuals are languid and don't have any desire to get up and discover a garbage bin. They believe that on the off chance that they toss their cigarette out the vehicle window, spit their gum on the walkway, let a couple of napkins move diverted by the breeze, or throw an unfilled plastic jug in the canal, nothing will occur. All things considered, how might this one piece of junk bring about any damage to our current circumstance? All things considered, this refuse needs to develop somewhere or another and in 1997 Charles Moore found where a large portion of it has collected - in our sea. It's a trash fix so huge that the territory of Texas can find a way into it twice. The great pacific garbage patch

Author(s): Sabira Shafat

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