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Perspective - Journal of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Research (2023) Volume 8, Issue 2

The Forgotten Self: Dementia as a Cultural Metaphor for the Loss of Identity and Memory

This article adds to banters about the classification "dementia," which as of not long ago has been overwhelmed by biomedical models. The viewpoints of basic gerontology are relevant for expanding information about dementia and directing this investigation. These viewpoints support assessment of social and authentic impacts and hence question how social orders have built and characterized dementia. This article questions the tales told about dementia and the language that we use to recount these accounts. Integral to the article is an examination of a portion of the tales about dementia that are held inside and outlined by contemporary culture. Various movies, television narratives, news reports, theater, diaries, books, and sonnets that depict a portion of the encounters related with dementia are investigated. These portrayals are analyzed as they either execute or challenge generalizations about living with dementia. Investigation of these portrayals shows the sociocultural development of dementia and the degree to which dementia is a diachronic peculiarity. Most importantly, the article considers (a) the social and political elements of dementia, (b) the manners by which the representations diligently used to make sense of dementia shape our cognizance about this condition, and (c) the degree to which dementia is an innate piece of contemporary life.

Author(s): Hilde Marie

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