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Short Communication - Virology Research Journal (2021) Volume 5, Issue 3

The effect of psychosocial adjustment and cognitive-behavioral therapy for patient infection- Oronsaye Francis Enifo- Affiliation University of Benin.

 Background: The upsurge of HIV/AIDS, particularly in Sub-Sahara Arica, necessitates the prevention of transmission of the deadly disease from all possible routes, of which blood transfusion is a major route. The purpose of the study was to determine the HIV/ AIDS carrier status of commercial blood donors visiting the University of Benin teaching Hospital Benin City Nigeria. A total of 3515 prospective donors attending the University of Benin teaching hospital (UBTH) Benin City Nigeria were screened for HIV/AIDS, using lapillus HIV1/2 KITS. And were confirmed by using HIV1/2 IMMUNOCOMB KITS Reagents were used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Results: 215onors representing 0.1% were positive for HIV1/2.

Conclusion: This study presents, prospective commercial blood donors visiting University of Benin Teaching hospital Benin City Nigeria. The screening of blood needed for transfusion in all hospitals should be screened before transfused. As matter of compulsion. There should be a surveillance team in all States to monitor the practice of blood transfusion in all hospitals in every state of the Federation and they should be given Legislative powers to bring defaulters to book. This will help reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS through blood transfusion. Donors were given questionnaires to determine their suitability or otherwise for the study. They were all able men of age 25years-35years bracket and their packed cell volume (PCV)n was not less than 47%, which were considered fit for the study. Venous blood was collected from the prospective donors and screened for HIV1/2, using Capillus HIV1/2V KIT and was confirmed by immune Comb HIV1/2BISPOT., reagents were used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Author(s): Oronsaye Francis Enifo

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