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Research Article - Journal of Pregnancy and Neonatal Medicine (2023) Volume 7, Issue 3

The association between second trimester of pregnancy ultrasound measurements of cervical length and the gestational age, weight and APGAR score at delivery.

Introduction: Infant mortality is highest in preterm births. Cervical length may indicate early preterm delivery, according to studies. We assessed cervical length, gestational age, birth weight, and delivery Apgar scores.

Methods: This research included 100 women bearing 100 live foetuses (mean maternal age: 29.42 ± 6.26 years, mean gestational range 18-20 weeks). Transvaginal ultrasound measured cervical length in all women. Birth weight, gestational age and Apgar scores were recorded.

Results: 0% had cervical length less than 15 mm, 9% 15 mm-25 mm, 75% 25 mm-35 mm, and 16% >35 mm. ANOVA showed a significant relationship between cervical length classification and gestational age (p=0.031) and birth weight (p=0.001), but not Apgar scores (p=0.35) or gestational age at birth (p=0.29). Birth weight correlated significantly (p=0.04).

Conclusion: Cervical length screening during the second trimester should be regular in selected nations or areas to decrease premature labour.

Author(s): Azade Shabani, Dina Jalalvand, Zahra Naeji, Elnaz Naghdi, Amin Momeni Moghaddam, Nikan Zargarzadeh, Ina Shaw

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