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Short Communication - Journal of Pregnancy and Neonatal Medicine (2020) Volume 4, Issue 4

The association between mood and quality of life in terms of satisfaction in UAE - A pilot study

Background / Rational: In recent years, there has been a lot of emphasis on what quality of life is in terms of its effect on people’s life satisfaction. It involves a good attitude towards one's life instead of an assessment of current feelings. Factors such as employment, social networks, social activities, self-identity, financial security and cognitive and physical function are considered to impact on quality of life.

Aim and Objectives: The aim of the current study is to clarify relationships between the main domains of life satisfaction (work, health, family, friendship, financial status and happiness) and the mood. The objectives of the study are to identify the determinants of life satisfaction that might provide an inclusive view of the effect of these factors on mood the and clear understanding the relationship between these factors and mood.

Methods: This pilot study aims to recruit about 500 volunteers from the general population in Abu Dhabi during a period of up to one year. We included only age 18 to 40 from the UAE nationals resident in Abu Dhabi Emirate. To assess the main components of satisfaction that affect the mood, interviewees were asked to rate the aspects that contribute most to their satisfaction (work, health, family, friendship, financial status and happiness). Statistical analyses were performed by spss software. Using the logistic regression model, correlation and their level of significance were calculated and p value of 0.05 or less.

Results and conclusion: All included seven factors and domains of life satisfactions measures demonstrated a high relationship between the life satisfaction and mood and construct that the mood outcome can be explained by the domains of the life satisfaction, these domains that we included in our analysis (satisfaction with the work, health, family and relationship, friendship, financial status and happiness The results show high positive correlations, between the domains life satisfaction and the mood, so the mood can be predicted by the domains of life satisfaction . The result shows that there is a positive correlation and positive effect that has been shown by the correlation coefficients of the domains and the mood (satisfaction with the work, health, family and relationship, friendship, financial status and happiness),(0.226,0.277, 0.167, 0.279, 0.333, 0.223) respectively and it was statistically significant relationship for some domains and mood outcome such as (work, health, friendship, financial status and mood outcome (0.03, 0.043 0.01 and 0.003) respectively, but as the result shows that the happiness is a poor predictor for the mood outcome.

Author(s): Mitha Albalushi

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