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Short Article - Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry (2017) Volume 1, Issue 2

The Amitim ('Friends') Program: An Innovative Model for Social Rehabilitation of People with Serious Mental Illness in the Community and the Promotion of Community Resilience

The promotion of recovery could be a central goal of public mental state systems. Recovery includes the pursuit of active living (i.e., enjoyable, expressive, and substantive leisure experiences), and substantive inter-personal relationships. whereas most social recreation programs for folks with serious psychological state (SMI) area unit quarantined, the Amitim program (by the Israeli Ministry of Health and also the Israeli Association of Community Center) offers Associate in Nursing innovative model of social and recreation familiarized rehabilitation for folks with SMI among the final community. Over the last decade Amitim program has reached seventy five cities nationwide and offers service to 3000 folks with SMI. Amitim aims to realize 2 main goals: the promotion of non-public recovery via substantive leisure activities within the community; through (a) monthly conferences with a mental state skilled among the community centre (non-stigmatic facility) and making with the person with SMI a tailor created suit to fits his personal social recovery objectives. additionally, the person with SMI takes half in (b) leisure and volunteering activities among the community, whereby he practices his social skills and participates in substantive activities. Lastly, the person is entitled for (c) a leisure-oriented scholarship that permits him to reach his social -oriented aspirations. The second main goal of Amitim is that the promotion of social amendment and community resilience with and by folks with SMI, through lectures and workshops to the final community regarding mental incapacity and stigma, so increasing partnership and resilience within the community. To the most effective of our data, Amitim represents a "one of a kind" model that permits each social-oriented recovery for folks with SMI in their community, aboard the promotion of community resilience and social amendment.

Keywords: Mental unhealthiness, mental state, Stress, mental state matters, Migraine, Mental resilience

Author(s): Yael Mazor

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