Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry

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Perspective - Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry (2023) Volume 7, Issue 1

The aging phenomenon of hair loss in geriatrics and nutrition deficiency

As our age, our body gests numerous changes and our hair is no exception. Hair naturally changes in colour and texture over time. To keep our hair looking good as our age, it needs special attention. Hair is made of protein beaches. A single beachfront of hair has a normal life of about two to seven times. Hair grows a normal of 0.5 elevation a month and six elevations a time. Factors similar as age, diet, genetics and overall health determine how fast it grows and its overall health. As hair periods, it has a docked life cycle, with shorter, finer hair falling out. This hair is generally replaced with new finer hair. Still, over time, nearly everyone has some hair loss with aging. Women and men witness hair loss for a variety of reasons as they progress, similar as heritable traits, endocrine diseases, thyroid diseases, reduced hormonal support and nutritive scarcities.

Author(s): Yang Chen*

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