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Research Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2016) Volume 6, Issue 1

Supervasmol Poisoning- Study in Rims, Kadapa

Supervasmol 33, a hair dye which is an emerging mode of suicidal poisoning in India, especially few districts in Andhra Pradesh. The major life threatening compound in this hair dye is para-phenylene- diamine (PPD). A study period of 12months with total cases attending casualty from January 2014-December2015 is being conducted by Depart-ment of ENT, RIMS Govt. Hospital, Kadapa. Majority of the patients consuming are fe-males in their 2nd & 3rd decade and the ma-jority presenting with angioneurotic edema with stridor, rhabdomyolysis with Acute kid-ney disease after consumption of more than 50ml. No specific antidote for Para phenylene diamine(PPD), hence management is only symptomatic &supportive with immediate tracheostomy.

Author(s): Venkatasubbaiah CH, Sreenivasulu G, Sukumar S,Sudhindra G

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