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- International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology (2015) Volume 3, Issue 4

Study on Volatile Compounds of Flank Scent Gland and Behavioural Analysis of Soft-Furred Field Rat Millardia Meltada (Gray, 1837)

The present observation was carried out to study the flank scent gland from sexually mature and reproductively active male and female soft-furred field rat Millardia meltada, They were analyzed by gas chromatography coupled mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The pheromone sources of flank scent gland differ between the sexes as well as the nature of volatile varies from source to source. Six peaks were found in higher concentration of male cheek gland. They were identified as Cyclopentanone (I), Hexadecanoicacid (II), Propanoicacid (III), 1-Octane (IV), Tetradecane (V) 3-Heptanone (VI. The cheek gland of female has five major fractions of compounds viz., Difluorohexane (I), Thiophene (II), Hydroxylamine (III), Tetradecane (IV) and 3,Heptanone (V). Odor preference test demonstrated that all the major chemical moieties identified in male flank gland were found to attract both sexes. By contrast the IV compound of male attracted conspecifics of the opposite sex, where compound I of female attracted conspecifics of the opposite sex. The level of attraction also varied from compound to compound. The results conclude that the flank gland of soft-furred field rat contains six major fractions with pheromonal function in maintaining social behavior and reproductive status.

Author(s): S. Kalaiyarasan, and A. Amsath

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