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Research Article - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2016) Volume 6, Issue 59

Study of Intestinal Parasitosis among School Children of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Background and Objectives: Intestinal parasitic infection such as amoebiasis, ascariasis, ancylostomiasis and trichuriasis are one of the major health problems in children developing countries like Nepal. Around 450 million children are ill due to these infections. Therefore, this study was focused to find out the present situation of the parasitic infections among school children of Kathmandu Valley. Methods: A total of 507 stool samples from healthy students were collected in dry, clean and screw capped plastic container and were preserved with 10% formalin. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data on predisposing factors. The stool samples were examined by direct microscopy and confirmed by concentration methods. Modified Ziehl Neelsen (ZN) staining was performed for the detection of coccidian parasites. Results: The incidence of intestinal parasitic infection was 58.77% (Boys=61.85% vs. Girls=53.84%). The highest number of parasitic infection occurred between 6 to 10 years aged (62.84%) and was statistically significant (p=0.001). Entamoeba histolytica was found to be predominant parasites to cause parasitic infection. The type of infection in relation to gender was to be statistically significant (p=0.001). The parasitic infection was found more in dalit children and in symptomatic children. The parasitic infection rate was found higher in not using anti-parasitic drug (72.28%) than the drug users (37.08%). Conclusion: Lack of awareness, improper hand washing after defecation, not taking anti- parasitic drug and unsafe drinking water was some of the predisposing factors. Improvements in personal hygiene and sanitation, water supplies, health education and socio-economic status will help to prevent from intestinal parasitic infection.

Author(s): Khushbu Yadav, Satyam Prakash

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