Hematology and Blood Disorders

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Research Article - Hematology and Blood Disorders (2022) Volume 5, Issue 3

Study of different fingerprint patterns in relation to gender and ABO blood groups among South Indian population.

Background: Fingerprint patterns form the mainstay of criminal identification in forensics. Determining the association of fingerprints patterns with blood groups and gender will help to narrow down the suspects in criminal identification, mass disasters and personal identification. Aim: To study the fingerprint patterns and determine its relation with gender and blood groups among South Indian Population. Methods and Materials: The cross sectional study was conducted by collecting the fingerprints and data regarding the blood group and gender from 50 individuals. All the data collected were tabulated and statistically analysed by using SPSS software version 23. Results: The predominant finger print pattern determined was loops among males (20 %) and loops & whorls(22%) among females. Chi square test was done and p value was obtained as 0.536, which was not statistically significant. When gender and blood group was compared O+ve blood group was common in males and females, Chi square test was done and the P value was obtained as 0.825, which was not statistically significant. Conclusion: Loop pattern of finger print and O+ve blood groups were common in both males and female. Although we did not achieve any significant correlation between gender, blood group and fingerprints, further studies including larger sample sizes may lead us in a positive direction.

Author(s): Faaizah Fathima*, Reshma Poothakulath Krishnan, Sandhya Sundar

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