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Research Article - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2014) Volume 4, Issue 38

Studies on Solubility and Dissolution Enhancement of Itraconazole by Complexation with Sulfo-Butyl7 Ether ? Cyclodextrin

Itraconazole is a potent triazole antifungal drug which has low solubility at physiological pH conditions. Itraconazole is weakly basic (pKa =3.7) and highly hydrophobic drug. It is categorized as a BCS class II drug. The main objective of the present investigation was to improve the solubility of itraconazole, by preparation of salt forms itraconazole mesylate and itraconazole besylate by using addition reaction with methane sulphonic acid and benzene sulphonic acid. Further inclusion complexes of itraconazole prepared with Captisol (sulfobutyl ether7 β-cyclodextrin) by using physical mixing, kneading and co-evaporation techniques. The preparations characterization was performed by using X-ray diffraction, Fourier Transformed Infrared spectroscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy. The solubility of prepared salt was found multifold than the solubility of itraconazole. The dissolution studies of itraconazole complexes exhibited high percentage drug dissolution than that of the pure drug which can be attributed to the increase in drug solubility provoked by the complexation technique. Among all complexes, products prepared by kneading method showed higher percentage drug release.

Author(s): Srinivas L, Hemalatha B, VS Vinai Kumar T, Naga Malleswara Rao B, Bhanu Teja B

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