International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology

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- International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology (2015) Volume 3, Issue 3

Studies on Avian Diversity in Angereb Forest and Adjacent Farm Land With Reference To Rainy And Post Rainy Seasons, Northwestern Ethiopia

The current study was conducted in Angereb forest and adjacent farm land during rainy and post rainy seasons of the year 2011. Information was gathered by using line transect method on occurrence of species and number of individuals with the objectives of estimating the density, diversity, richness and abundance of species. A total of 89 avian species were recorded from 37 families belongs to 11 orders in the study area. Among them one species is endemic to Ethiopia (Macronyx flavicollis) and four species are shared with Eretria (Bostrychia carunculata, Columba albitorques, Agapornis taranta, Corvus crassirostris). The present results showed variation in avian density, diversity, richness and abundance among the sites across seasons. The overall (invariable of seasons) calculations show the maximum records for all the parameters except similarity index from the forest habitat. The rainy seasonal calculations reveal that the maximum of all the parameters were recorded from the forest habitat and the minimum from the farmland habitat. Except the density and abundance remaining parameters were highest in forest habitat for post rainy season. The overall diversity and richness had shown strong relationship with each other and in relation to seasonal species richness, the significant variation was found only in forest habitat (p=0.016).

Author(s): Agarnesh Desalgn and C. Subramanian

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