Current Trends in Cardiology

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Short Communication - Current Trends in Cardiology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 5

Status of leadless intracardiac pacemakers in 2021.

Leadless Intracardiac Pacemakers (LICP) is implanted directly into the right ventricle. These novel devices avoid the complications associated with transvenous leads and the discomfort of a pacemaker pocket. They are particularly useful for patients who have no or limited access to the right ventricle (Medtronic, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, USA) are the only LICPs currently available in the United States. The Micra VR is a Rwave inhibited rate-responsive ventricular pacemaker (VVIR), while the Micra AV provides atrial synchronized ventricular pacing (VDD) using a 3-axis accelerometer to detect mechanical atrial contraction. Author(s): Robert G. Hauser, Jay D. Sengupta

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