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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2011) Volume 1, Issue 1

Status of lead present in ground drinking water samples of Uttarakhand (Garhwal Region) in India

Lead is a naturally occurring metal found deep in the ground. It occurs in small amounts in ore, along with other elements such as silver, zinc, or copper. Even though it is found in small amounts, there is an abundant supply of lead throughout the earth. Because it is widespread, and easy to extract and work with, lead was used for hundreds of years in a wide variety of products found in and around homes, including paint and gasoline. Lead can get into our body in two ways — through breathing it in or by eating it. For example, lead can enter the body through eating or inhaling paint dust or chips. The soil, drinkable ground water around our home can pick up lead from sources such as exterior paint. Lead can also enter in drinking water through our plumbing. In drinking ground water samples of uttarakhand (garhwal region) the level of lead was estimated through ICP mass spectroscopy. The presences of lead in ground drinking water samples of uttarakhand were high as compared to BIS desirable and permissible limits. Both children and adults are vulnerable to the effects of lead. Young children under the age of 5 are particularly vulnerable, because their body, brain, and metabolism are still developing. Two-year-olds tend to have the highest blood level concentration, because they put many things into their mouth, including toys or other products that may contain lead. On the basis of present study we observed that due to the excess quantity of Pb, and others heavy metals in uttarkhand India, the human beings of that region are suffering with various diseases like gastrointestinal, speech disorder, Irritability aggressive behaviors temper tantrums, Sleep difficulties/ disturbances, Anorexia symptoms reflecting eating disorders loss of appetite/weight, behavior, Speech and Language Deficits, Cognitive Impairments and thyroid diseases etc.

Author(s): Sandeep Gaur, Nutan Singh, Sandeep Saxena

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