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Short Communication - Journal of Pregnancy and Neonatal Medicine (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

Status Epilepticus: From Emergency to OPD

 Neonatal seizures are very intriguing for both parents as well as for the treating doctors and always need rapid intervention to improve future outcomes in terms of morbidity and mortality. ILAE has devised a separate task force to address Neonatal seizures and together with neonatologist and neurologist have developed new classification for neonatal seizures. But what is still missing at community level is the basic identification of abnormal movements in newborn which can be either epileptic or non-epileptic. Following accurate diagnosis of clinical event being seizure, it becomes difficult to make newborn undergo EEG/ aEEG in NICU. Even after getting the record of EEG, it becomes still more strenuous to get the correct interpretations of the EEG leading to misdiagnosis or over diagnosis in many cases. Then the main conflict comes whether to chase the etiology or to treat the seizure alone. So, in view of all these challenges in new-born seizures, it has now become very crucial to make all primary caregivers and specialists aware of the emerging classification, its implication, possible etiologies and etiological workup and lastly the treatment in neonatal seizures; always keeping in mind that neonatal seizures are never the same as pediatric/ adult seizures since new-born brain consists of immature network complexes with immense potential for development when compared to other age groups. 

So, this presentation will highlight will basically cover the new classification, importance of EEG in neonatal seizures, etiological possibilities and then focus on how treatment of neonatal seizure is different from other seizures. Discussion will cover mimics of neonatal seizures, hypoxic-ischemia and hypothermia and its effect on seizures.

This presentation is designed for beginner, intermediate as well as for experienced health care providers, physicians, neonatologists and neurologists. 

Author will elaborate on strategies for Neonatal seizure definition, causes, management and prognosis with focus on achieving the diagnosis during the course of management.  

Author(s): Ushma Patel

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