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Abstract - Journal of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Spectroscopic investigation of nanocrystalline Gd2O3S for low dose X-Ray imaging applications


 Recent research in the field of phosphors and scintillators for radiation detectors for medical, industrial and scientif­ic imaging and further development and exploitation of powerful X-ray sources such as e.g. synchrotron radiation. Thus, an intense research and development continues to explore new phosphor and scintillation materials or the optimization of the current ones taking advantage of new technological methods for their preparation. Nanocrys­talline Gd2O3S scintillator with structures were success­fully synthesized through precipitation process and sub­sequent calcination for X-ray imaging detectors. In this work, a simple precipitation process was carried out using diethanolamine as a precipitant to prepare nanocrystal­line Er doped Gd2O3. Scintillation properties such as luminescent spectra, light intensity and decay time were measured for the synthesized powder. The sample cal­cined at 400 - 900oC showed the highest light intensity. The scintillator emitted a strong red light at near 610 nm under photo and X-Ray luminescence for its potential X-Ray imaging detector applications.

Author(s): Dinesh Sivalingama

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