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Review Article - Allied Journal of Medical Research (2021) Volume 5, Issue 9

Review on end of life care prediction by family-witnessed resuscitation

Regarding the concept of end-of-life care or end-of-life, many of the previous studies were unable to accurately make a clear definition. However, several authors have attempted to provide a succinct definition of this phrase. These two descriptions appear to be general and ambiguous. It seems tough to come up with an accurate or comprehensive description of end-of-life care. The findings of these studies revealed that there are overlapping perspectives and perceptions about the predicted effects of enabling Family-Witnessed Resuscitation (FWR). The bulk of the research analyzed show that the members of the family would desire to attend Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for their loved ones. This is one of their rights, according to many of them. The majority of patients thought FWR was convenient and would help the resuscitated patient. Nevertheless, a few patients raised concerns about the effect of this presence on the competence of health personnel, including the impact on the resuscitated patient. In researches that deal with the examination of health professional’s views and opinions about FWR, the results were mixed. Several researches have shown that FWR has significant benefits for family members, patients, and health care providers. However, numerous studies have identified concerns about this presentation, such as the psychological impact on family members, the additional stress that this presence may cause for health professionals, and the potential for legal action in consequence of this presence.

Author(s): Adetayo Olaniyi Adeniran, Oluwadamisi Tayo-Ladega

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