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Review Article - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2020) Volume 10, Issue 70

Review on comprehensive understanding of building an analytical quality by design for drug manufacturing process.

When knowledge based on pure scientific understanding and quality risk management is applied to product and process learning with regulation on process control along with a systematic approach for development of predefined objectives in analytical field then it is called as quality by design or QBD it follow ICH guidelines for quality in pharmaceutical product concept of QBD also extends to analytical methods, it is mandatory process in QBD to define a goal.
A protocol for the method which will continue monitoring the process throughout in a systematic way and working on alternate methods as well to get optimal performance, the methods given are carefully analyzed in structured pattern for risks and is put for a challenge of the validity of method which later on can be taken for the criteria, benefit of these studies.
The performances can be improved as well as clearly understood along with the risk management and desired performance methods which can also be validated later on, the review briefly gives an inside view of application of analytical QBD in industries and its current status with examples and principles of analytical methods in HPTLC ,titration for moisture content, determination of toxic impurities in mixtures, quantative colour measurement and various spectroscopic method for identification of chemical moiety.
QBD developed spectroscopic and chromatographic method is usually done as per ICH Q8 R2, the critical parameters are compared to principle observation and analysis, the HPTLC method employs solvent usage and detection of absorbance and wavelength comparison.

Author(s): Saishir Kumri Prasad* , Kolpana Diwekar, Anite A

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