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Short Communication - Journal of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (2021) Volume 3, Issue 2

Response of a multinational shipping company to the COVID19 Pandemic, board the vessels and ashore

A Shipping Group with approximately 3500 employees, following the COVID19 2020 Pandemic established new procedures to comply with all measures required by WHO (World Health Organization), Greek Public Authorities and the National Organization of Public Health. Measures taken are summarized COVID-19 Crisis Committee A COVID-19 Crisis Committee has been formed to coordinate efforts for Business Continuity, employee?s health, safety and wellbeing and to ensure that critical Corporate Functions will perform uninterruptedly. Safety, Hygiene, Wellbeing Measures. The Human Resources Department and the Fleet Medical Advisor following recommendations from the Hellenic Ministry of Labour, the Hellenic Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, take all necessary measures and provide employees with the required guidance regarding personal hygiene. Non-essential meetings have been cancelled and have been replaced by teleconferences. Common spaces gym, restaurant, pool, auditorium and training Center have been shut off. Employee wellbeing: Pilates classes have been offered through teleconference. Hand sanitizers (more than 60% alcohol) available. N95 and simple surgical masks are provided to the building visitors. Masks and gloves are also available to all employees. No shortage throughout the pandemic. Diminished staff throughout the pandemic.30% of the employees were working in the headquarters. Regular disinfection and Cleaning rounds held more regularly. Molecular (RT-PCR) and antibody testing available. Mental Health wellbeing: Stress related issues are rising in the COVID19 era. Group had an in-house clinical psychologist to provide mental health guidance. Author(s): Chrysoula I. Liakou

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