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Research Article - Journal of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation (2020) Volume 4, Issue 1

Research Excellence Awards Orthopedics 2020

 Awards Session is organized with the intention of valuing one’s contribution towards the conference and behind the thought of encouraging for more active involvement for the betterment of the conference. These awards are presented track knowing a private who has made significant, sustained and continuing contributions to research in information retrieval. The concept shall motivate interested participants to realize more which can successively benefit their professional career. Considering the marks given by the evaluation committee and therefore the Conference Chair, the very best scoring presentations shall be recommended for the subsequent awards.


Outstanding Speaker in ORTHOPEDICS SURGERY 2020: Offered for outstanding oral presentation considering every presenter of the conference, which is the most inspiring, effective, and professional and are delivered through an impactful, authoritative, and engaging speaker. Based on the reviews given by the Chair and Co-Chair for every presentation. The conference Chair decides which presentation will receive the Outstanding Speaker Award.


Best Key Note Speaker ORTHOPEDICS SURGERY 2020: Selection of the simplest Speaker Award is an ongoing tradition of Conference Series LLC Ltd. All attendees are asked to cast their vote for the simplest Keynote Presentation. The winner of the simplest Keynote Presentation receives a special memento and a gift.


Best Organizing Committee




Best Organizing Committee Member will be given to the one who makes the most significant contribution in organizing the conference


Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Posd.Doc Thesis work presentation in ORTHOPEDICSSURGERY 2020:


So as to recognize extraordinary work by student s (Masters, PhD, Postdocs) the Best Student Presentation Award will be given for best Thesis work presentation and award winner must be registered as a student and also must be a student


This award is given based upon an absolute standard of excellence and all student presenters will be considered eligible for the award. In view of the awards given by the



Assessment Committee which includes Chair and CoChair.


The award for the Outstanding Thesis Work Presentation will be presented to the best student by the Chair.


Author(s): Kristoffer Carlo

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