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Abstract - Immunology Case Reports (2021) Volume 4, Issue 4

Recombinant approach to develop ScFv antibodies and vaccines against viral diseases as Ebola, flu (AH1N1) and cancer (polyomavirus)

Currently, production of vaccines and diagnostic systems for infectious diseases has failed to provide a systematic vision that merges state-of-the-art technologies with industry to provide an effective commercial solution. Infectious and rapidly transmitted diseases, such as cancer, Ebola and influenza, should be a focus of interest for these prospects. While technological advances of recent years have been revolutionizing the life sciences industry, specifically in the biopharma field, these advances have been disproportional in terms of their applications towards infectious diseases. Working on the development, recombinant technology is needed for the production of chimeric proteins using mammalian, yeast, and bacterial cells modified for those purposes. Proteins developed through a process of molecular engineering, which begins with in silico bioinformatic processes, using validations and algorithms, subsequently through synthetic biology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, and Bioprocess development.  

Author(s): Luis Mario Rodriguez-Martinez

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