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Short Communication - Journal of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Public Health Policy Administration and the effect on Americansâ?? Everyday lives

The primary cause of death has always been heart-related health problems and diabetes in various disproportions within ethnic groups. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 has changed this view even though there is insufficient evidence to arise to the complete conclusion because more death resulting from infectious diseases persists. In general, conclusion Covid-19 has claimed lives more than any other disease in world history. The country’s public health roles stand out as a backbone supporting and advocating for public health maintenance and disease prevention. Public health role capability in advocating and monitoring disease prevention pushes into whether new insight to research or expansion of prior researches. Public health amid pandemic leads the path to prevention, maintenance, and promoting health in the short term while researching long-term preventives options. Public health roles infrastructure amidst of COVID-19 pandemic covers a broad variety aspect of healthcare specialty to advice, recommendations, including advocating for policy that promotes public health such as bending policy to allow public health. The presentation will focus on policy administration and how it has been or will affect Americans’ everyday lives in specifics. The presentation will mainly focus on addressing policy at the local levels even though the statewide policy is such in general that allow the individual locality to modify the same policy on different criteria of CDC guidelines while abiding by public health guidelines. The presentation will briefly consider barriers that may phase public health policy administrations during the pandemic.

Author(s): Ms Taiwo Majekodunmi

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