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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2014) Volume 4, Issue 40

Proximate, Amino acid and Fatty acid profile of selected two Marine fish from Parangipettai Coast

In this present study the protein, carbohydrate, fat, ash and moisture contents of Sardinella longiceps and Plotosus lineatus having 26.05 Mg/g, 2.35, 79.93, 5.67, 4.76 Mg/g. and cat fish have 32.56 Mg, 1.98, 66.53, 3.46, 4.03 Mg/g. respectively. Total of 20 amino acids which exhibit high levels of phenylalanine followed by lysine and Iso leucine based on the quantum of availability of EAA in the P. lineatus. In the present investigation the fatty acid concentration is the major element in both investigated fish. In this result, Palmitic acid, Magaric acid and Stearic acid are the major component in both sample. Consumption of fish and other marine products has always been a major factor in the economy and nutrition of the coastal inhabitants. This information will give the nutritional truth of various elements of the Oil Sardine and Stripped eel catfish leading to fundamental importance for the application of various technological processes.

Author(s): Suvitha S, Eswar A, Anbarasu R, Ramamoorthy K, Sankar G

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