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Review Article - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2020) Volume 10, Issue 70

Pros and Challenges to Pharmacists in Prescribing Practice.

Pharmacists are the hearts of health care team and independent prescribers in United Kingdom and other developed countries. Nowadays pharmacists oriented to patient care rather traditional mercantile products orientation. Clinical Pharmacy is the combined agreement between physician and pharmacist in which pharmacist prescribing and providing patient care. The health care team is fragile in the absence of pharmacist, literature supported prescription by pharmacists and the members include physicians, stakeholders and patients, but some physicians not supported them due to loss of dignity, deskilled junior physicians and some considered them deficient of well diagnostic skills. Provision of drug therapy without competent clinical pharmacist is impossible and incomplete. The implementation of pharmacists prescribing can effectively decrease burdens and workload from the shoulders of physicians to provide them time for complex diseases, facilitate pharmacists regarding jobs issues instead of five years degree of Doctor of Pharmacy, patient counseling and educations, reduction of polypharmacy and iatrogenic diseases as well as to stabilize the health care triangle.

Author(s): Majid Khan*

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