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Review Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2015) Volume 5, Issue 3

Prevalence of ENT disorders in children : A tertiary medical care study

A retrospective study was conducted at al sharq medical centre, a tertiary care cen-ter in Fujairah UAE. The entire pediatric age group patients attending ENT OPD clinic during the calendar year of 2013 were selected for the study. The main aim of this article is to determine the preva-lence of ENT disorders in children in one of the Northern Emirate of UAE. A total of 625 children registered during 2013.most common ENT diseases seen were rhinitis (47.6%) followed by acute otitis media (42.9%) & tonsillitis. Material and Methods The present study was conducted in Al sharq medical centre ,a tertiary health care unit in Fujairah in UAE. Children aged from 0-14 years attending ENT OPD clinic from Jan-uary 2013-December 2013 were included for the study. A structured questionnaire high-lighting on symptoms was administered to the patients & parents. All the children under-gone complete ENT examination & appropri-ate investigations were carried out such as x ray nasopharynx, tympaonometry ,culture & sensitivity etc. Data were stored in electronic medical records (sap system) & were analysed statistically using frequency and percentage . p value less than 0.05 is considered signifi-cant.

Author(s): Suman siddalingappa yeli

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