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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2013) Volume 3, Issue 21

Prescription Analysis of Drugs Prescribed For Children in Some Towns of Maharashtra

Objective: To analyze the drug prescibed for the children in some towns of Maharashtra with reference to WHO Essential Drug List for Children, March 2011. Method: Data for this study collected by II MBBS students at their home towns like Jalna, Solapur and Chipulun with the help of prescription analysis form prepared by Department of Pharmacology. Rationality of prescription was evaluated as per WHO Model List for Essential Drugs for Children (2011). Results: Total 46 prescriptions of issued for children in Jalna, Solapur and Chiplun were analyzed. 31.48 % drugs prescribed for children in these towns were according WHO list of Essential Drugs for Children. Out of total 108 drugs prescribed 39.81 % were FDCs. 27.91% prescribed FDCs were rational. FDCs prescribed in this study were mainly from drug groups like antibiotics (25.58 %), vitamins/minerals (23.26 %), cough /cold (27.91 %) and analgesics (18.60 %) FDCs. Rational FDCs prescribed in this study were from the class of antibiotics. Conclusions: More than 68% prescribed drug for children in towns are not in accordance with WHO Model List of Essential Drugs for Children. Interventions to rectify over prescription of antimicrobials and cough/cold FDCs in children are needed. Vitamins/Minerals FDCs many times only add to the expenditure bill of the patient without giving any potential benefit. Vitamins and Minerals FDCs prescription should be based on deficiency status. Making availability of WHO/National Essential Drug List for children to all the prescribing physicians and organizing regular workshop/ educational campaign for rational prescribing may help in this regard.

Author(s): Girija Sachdeo, Yogendra Keche, Radha Yegnanarayan, Shreya Sachdeo, Chandan Sakharam, Subodh Patankar

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